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2.6936110:11Link MinorE- CENTRAL ITALY - Yesterday
2.81036210:02Link MinorE- CENTRAL ITALY - Yesterday
0.71249004:32Link MinorE- FRANCE-GERMANY BORDER REGION - Yesterday
3.21254211:31Link MinorE- GREECE - Yesterday
2566204:30Link MinorE- SOUTHERN GREECE - Yesterday
3.110106605:50Link MinorE- NORTHERN ALGERIA - Yesterday
2.50119510:20Link MinorE- SPAIN - Yesterday
1.62120705:51Link MinorE- WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN SEA - Yesterday
1.87124606:37Link MinorE- SPAIN - Yesterday
3.71134212:10Link MinorE- GEORGIA (SAK'ART'VELO) - Yesterday
2.610136310:40Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
3.71179010:16Link MinorE- ICELAND - Yesterday
4.810219510:15Link LightE- NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE - Yesterday
510220008:05Link ModerateE- NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE - Yesterday
3.89233006:31Link MinorE- EASTERN IRAN - Yesterday
4.8211276906:30Link LightE- HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN - Yesterday
3.710344406:29Link MinorE- RAJASTHAN, INDIA - Yesterday
2.617488509:58Link MinorE- SOUTHERN ALASKA - Yesterday
33497512:20Link MinorE- SOUTHEASTERN ALASKA - Yesterday
2.214504904:51Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
2.318507511:04Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO - Yesterday
2.818507708:04Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO REGION - Yesterday
2.313507809:28Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO REGION - Yesterday
4.2105514407:15Link LightE- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Yesterday
3.69528009:14Link MinorE- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Yesterday
313536909:16Link MinorE- HAITI REGION - Yesterday
3.710549910:38Link MinorE- NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - Yesterday
3.425585013:24Link MinorE- BABUYAN ISL REGION, PHILIPPINES - Yesterday
2.124602609:16Link MinorE- CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
4.1445607612:55Link LightE- BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION - Yesterday
2.14612210:37Link MinorE- CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
310618506:19Link MinorE- SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
22618606:48Link MinorE- SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
2.858629012:02Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
2.743629409:07Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
3.229630112:59Link MinorE- PANAMA-COSTA RICA BORDER REGION - Yesterday
3.134630208:02Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
2.924631709:21Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
4.316652309:05Link LightE- OFFSHORE OAXACA, MEXICO - Yesterday
3.5185685107:10Link MinorE- MINAHASA, SULAWESI, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.2220718113:00Link MinorE- JUJUY, ARGENTINA - Yesterday
2.560719011:28Link MinorE- OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE - Yesterday
2.6114719109:47Link MinorE- ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - Yesterday
3.3132719404:19Link MinorE- ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE - Yesterday
3.910736005:43Link MinorE- SERAM, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.130746508:06Link MinorE- CERAM SEA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.758768312:43Link MinorE- COQUIMBO, CHILE - Yesterday
3.2114773207:57Link MinorE- SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA - Yesterday
2.838783613:25Link MinorE- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Yesterday