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2.5034317:36Link MinorE- ADRIATIC SEA - Yesterday
3.6253018:06Link MinorE- POLAND - Yesterday
2.79467519:16Link MinorE- ROMANIA - Yesterday
2.21078522:26Link MinorE- FRANCE-GERMANY BORDER REGION - Yesterday
2.712121219:58Link MinorE- WESTERN TURKEY - Yesterday
310158518:00Link MinorE- EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN SEA - Yesterday
2.617219619:08Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
2.519220518:20Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
2.51227416:40Link MinorE- TURKEY-SYRIA-IRAQ BORDER REGION - Yesterday
2.431263521:38Link MinorE- AZORES-CAPE ST. VINCENT RIDGE - Yesterday
4.410293223:05Link LightE- NORWEGIAN SEA - Yesterday
52299019:07Link ModerateE- MOROCCO - Yesterday
34307317:50Link MinorE- ICELAND REGION - Yesterday
2.71371421:52Link MinorE- AZORES ISLANDS, PORTUGAL - Yesterday
36803619:21Link MinorE- SOUTHEASTERN ALASKA - Yesterday
2.29817418:37Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO REGION - Yesterday
3.110849518:00Link MinorE- ALASKA PENINSULA - Yesterday
2.47885616:37Link MinorE- SOUTHERN IDAHO - Yesterday
3.875912519:05Link MinorE- NIAS REGION, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.850920821:20Link MinorE- SOUTHWESTERN RYUKYU ISL., JAPAN - Yesterday
3.818946317:43Link MinorE- KEP. MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.78983517:36Link MinorE- CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - Yesterday
5.730999020:58Link ModerateE- SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.210999521:44Link MinorE- SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.6321013620:41Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
2.6291016222:00Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
3191016820:10Link MinorE- CATANDUANES, PHILIPPINES - Yesterday
4261020217:28Link LightE- OFFSHORE EL SALVADOR - Yesterday
3.6611020417:09Link MinorE- NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA - Yesterday
4.2101030418:13Link LightE- OFF COAST OF CENTRAL AMERICA - Yesterday
4.1611036318:48Link LightE- OFFSHORE OAXACA, MEXICO - Yesterday
3.121073118:34Link MinorE- MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES - Yesterday
3.3101091621:40Link MinorE- JAVA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.3101110523:09Link MinorE- SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.81721115222:52Link MinorE- BALI REGION, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.8391116919:35Link MinorE- SULAWESI, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.5421145922:57Link MinorE- FLORES SEA - Yesterday
3.4131180317:22Link MinorE- CERAM SEA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.8121181516:57Link MinorE- SERAM, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.51421195522:42Link MinorE- LA RIOJA, ARGENTINA - Yesterday
4.4101206622:47Link LightE- BIAK REGION, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.8691229922:14Link MinorE- KEP. TANIMBAR REGION, INDONESIA - Yesterday
2.7231233918:57Link MinorE- OFFSHORE COQUIMBO, CHILE - Yesterday
3.6911248919:40Link MinorE- VALPARAISO, CHILE - Yesterday
2351261421:41Link MinorE- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Yesterday
2.101261619:40Link MinorE- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Yesterday
2.1341261822:35Link MinorE- ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII - Yesterday
3981273719:34Link MinorE- MAULE, CHILE - Yesterday
2.541328418:07Link MinorE- WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Yesterday
4.5771347221:39Link LightE- EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., P.N.G. - Yesterday